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     Adult Swim was founded in 1989 by Jeff Nelson, co-owner of Dischord Records and drummer of bands such as The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, 3, Senator Flux, and The High-Back Chairs. Early Adult Swim records consisted mainly of Washington, DC area bands like Girls vs. Boys and the Snakes, deemed too far afield for Dischord. As Jeff's tastes evolved over the years, the Adult Swim roster grew to include pop/rock and alt-country bands he thought deserved to be heard, such as Last Train Home, Little Pink, and Benna. Recently, Eric Brace from Last Train Home founded his own label, Red Beet Records, which is now the source for their records. Little Pink has now found a home on Night World Records. Most recently, Adult Swim and Dischord have co-released "Adventures in Contentment," the debut album from Jeff’s new band, Fast Piece of Furniture.

     Adult Swim is a very small operation, with little to no operating budget. As it has neither the funds nor distribution necessary to truly promote a band’s record, the label is not accepting demos from prospective bands at this time.