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Photograph by Matthew Worden

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Formed in 1997, Last Train Home has garnered effusive praise from around the world for its deft blend of country, rock, folk, pop and Tin Pan Alley. Led by Eric Brace, nightlife columnist for The Washington Post, Last Train Home has grown from a guitar-based five-piece to nearly orchestral proportions with the addition of trumpet, mandolin, harmonica, pedal steel, saxophone, piano and more, depending on who decides to make it out to the shows. This expanding musical palate has allowed the band to evolve beyond the confines of such labels as 'singer/songwriter' or 'alt-country,' with arrangements as lush, as sophisticated, as spare or as rocking as the songs require. Now booked by the prestigious Mongrel Music agency, Last Train Home will be on the road full-time in 2003 in support of its Feb. '03 Adult Swim release Time and Water.

Take a moment to visit Last Train Home's website, www.lasttrainhome.com.

Last Train Home releases on Adult Swim Records:

    AS008 Last Train Home
    AS009 True North
    AS010 Holiday Limited
    AS012 Tributaries
    AS015 Time and Water