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     This Toledo, Ohio-based band was formed by singer and guitarist Tony Lowe, who played with a variety of bands in Ohio, including Junior Electric. In 2003 he met Jeff Nelson, who had drummed for many bands, most notably Minor Threat. Jeff moved to Toledo from the Washington, DC area because of his obsession with old Jeep Wagoneers, (Jeep is from Toledo) and for Toledo’s remarkable collection of affordable Victorian houses. Although when he moved he had not played drums in 12 years, he was so impressed by Tony's playing, singing, and songwriting that he came out of retirement to join his band.

     Several lineup changes later, they were joined by bassist Mahlon Orrin, who’d played in The Black Dahlia Murder and PB.Army. Shortly thereafter, the band was completed when friend and law student Erika Kuester joined them on keyboards.

     When Tony had first looked around the big Victorian house Jeff bought, he was immediately struck by how perfect it would be for recording, especially the third-floor ballroom. With friend Brian Nupp (known as the “Fifth Piece of Furniture”) engineering, a great variety of sounds were captured in the ballroom, the second floor hall, and in various bedrooms and bathrooms. The results can be heard on their debut album, Adventures in Contentment,” a co-release between Adult Swim and Dischord Records.