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Benna #1

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Benna #4
Photographs by John Javins

This NYC-based singer-songwriter has been described by The Village Voice as "...an accomplished popster" with a "glow-in-the-dark voice." Her latest release "What's Meant To Be" consists of 14 lushly crafted songs that cover the gamut of style and substance from bare-boned acoustic to richly layered sonic treasures.

Take a moment to visit Benna's website, www.benna.com.

Click the following links to view high resolution versions of the photos at left, or right-click for an opportunity to download. (These and other images are also available from: www.benna.com/hr.html.)

Benna #1 (2.3MB)
Benna #2 (1.9MB)
Benna #4 (1.5MB)

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Photograph by John Javins