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The Snakes
Happy & I Won't Love You 'til You're More Like Me

CD, LP, Cassette released 1990
CD includes I Won't Love You Till You're More Like Me,
Dischord No. 18, released 1986
Produced by Ian MacKaye and The Snakes

1-My Girl Gloria
2-Don't Tread On Me
3-Glass Eyes
4-World Upside Down
6-Afraid of Love
7-Appraising Personalities
8-I'm a Holiday
9-Man of the Monocle & Bottle
10-Oh No, Olga
11-Jane of Apes
12-Hat on the Bed
13-Dance, Mr. Fish
14-She's Got It Now
15-I Won't Love You ('til you're more like me)
16-For Colored Girls
17-Six O'Clock
18-Serv-Pro Joe
19-Snake Rap
20-Greek Song
21-Twelve Angry Men
22-Push Over
23-City Girls
24-Exchange of Clowns
25-Everything He Wants
26-Fixing a Chair
27-License to Fish